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Headaches & Migraines

The exciting outcomes for headache and migraine sufferers treated using the Watson Headache Approach have been the focus of a number of recent media reports.  Over the last 4 years there has been some ground-breaking research into the role of the neck in the treatment of headaches and migraine.  Based on this research, the Watson Headache Approach has revolutionised the way we assess and treat headache and migraine pain.  

What is the role of the neck in headaches & migraines?
The latest research into headache and migraine reveals that these patients have a sensitised center in their brain.  This ‘headache headquarters’ receives loud input information from the neck and the trigemial nerve, which can trigger pain in the head, face, and jaw, and affect the  blood vessels in the brain. Following careful assessment, treatment of the neck can change  the level of sensitivity in this headache center. Previously it was thought that only cervicogenic headaches could be treated via the neck, however the most recent research has shown that migraines and many other categories of headache can also be successfully treated through treatment of the neck.

How is the Watson Headache Approach used to treat headaches & migraines?
Our treatment aims to ‘turn down the volume of sensitivity’, or irritability, of the headache center by decreasing the loud input signals from the neck, whilst increasing the pain-blocking functions. We employ a number of non-medication techniques to reduce patient sensitivity, including Watson Headache ® specific cervical facet joint mobilisation, correction of neural sensitivity, western acupuncture or dry needling and muscle release.

Which conditions have been shown to respond to the Watson Headache Approach?

  • All migraines

  • Tension headaches

  • Cluster headaches

  • Menstrual migraine

  • Cervicogenic headache

  • Chronic Daily Headache

  • Cyclic vomiting

  • Trigeminal neuralgia

Our Senior Physio Nathan Niesler has a keen interest in treating headaches and migraines, having completed Level 2 training at the world-renowned Watson Headache© Institute in Sydney.  As an experienced physiotherapist, he co-founded the first headache clinic on the Sunshine Coast, and has had extensive experience in the treatment of headaches and migraines. Nathan has seen excellent results across a range of headache types using the Watson Headache Approach.

Nathan sees private patients and also offers a BULK BILL SERVICE for patients claiming through:

  • Medicare EPCs
  • WorkCover
  • DVA
  • Third Party Insurance




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